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HEAD features work that riffs on portraiture (i.e., heads): paintings by Mariano Chavez, Richard Hull, and Paul Nudd; works on paper by Academy Records with Chris Vorhees, Dan Attoe, Elijah Burgher, Rob Bondgren, Edie Fake, Dan Gluibizzi, Jose Lerma, Gladys Nilsson, Robyn O'Neil, Onsmith/Nudd, and Edra Soto; sculptures by Lilli Carre, Ryan Travis Christian, Eli Jones, Rachel Niffenegger, and Ben Stone; an artist book by Miller & Shellabarger; and photographs by Bob Mizer.

Other interpretations of the word "head" include suggestive work by Larassa Kabel, Stephen Irwin, and Dutes Miller; the John Riepenhoff Experience, in which viewers must stick their own heads into a small rectangular box to view a miniature exhibition of small artworks by Ann Green Kelly curated by Riepenhoff; and Academy Records' video and ephemera which take inspiration from the cult 1968 film Head,a film that follows made-for-TV rock band, The Monkees, on a kaleidoscopic journey of propaganda and concert footage.

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