Big Chest Book, The
Big Chest Book, The

Big Chest Book, The

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Call NumberGV 508.H6 1941 c.1
Sub-CollectionReference Collection
Statement of ResponsibilityBob Mizer Foundation, Inc.
Creators & ContributorsBOB HOFFMAN (has as author)
BOB HOFFMAN (has as author)
SummaryThe man with a big chest almost without exception is superhealthy, usually healthy in proportion to the size of his chest. There are exceptions to all rules, but the man with the biggest chest should be, and most often is, healthiest because of the size of his chest; while the man with just big arms or broad shoulders is not necessarily healthy on account of them, but usually is healthy because the exercises which made possible his development have built a big chest and unusual internal strength too. As we will consider farther on in the chapters on anatomy, the upper chest contains a large part, a highly important part, of the vital organs—the heart and the lungs, in particular; and in the lower part of the chest, the stomach, liver, kidneys and spleen, as well as many important glands. When a man possesses a large, roomy chest box, there is plenty of space for these organs to develop, to increase in size, with a simultaneous increase in internal .strength and vigor. - Bob Hoffman
Physical Description 256 pages
Carrier Typevolume
RecognitionGifted by Trent Dunphy and Robert Mainardi of The Magazine