Master List Film Index Card for Test (See Test Box)

Archival Item

Resource TypeDocuments
Date of Creation1968-1992
GenreIndexes/Catalog Pages
CreatorBob Mizer
Administrative/Biographical HistoryBob Mizer kept a master list of his models cross referenced to the films and videos and photo sets that they were featured in. There are five long boxes with over 7000 index cards. Several workers at AMG kept this project updated over the decades. Mizer would often paste clippings from his publications with pictures of the models, and used several shorthanded codings to fill in information.
Extent & Medium1 document : 4 x 6 in
Scope & ContentIndex card with administrative information on this model, including a list of works in which this model has appeared. Created when model was first photographed, and cross referenced with other cards. Purpose of some markings may not unknown, possibly not even part of Mizer's record keeping, as he re-used older index cards that he found at flea markets.
DescriptionIndex Card that is part of Bob Mizer’s master information file of models and films.
InscriptionsTest (See Test Box) Tony (LasVegas) 11-79 (4) Masser, Don (5) 11-79 Silverton, Billy (3) 11-79 Jackson, David (1) 11-79 Bush, Harry (Art) (3) 12-79 Cash, Jesse (4) 12-79 David (3) 11-79 Diarimos, Dionisius (4) 12-79



TONY LAS VEGAS (had as model)

DON MASSER (had as model)

BILLY SILVERTON (had as model)

DAVID JACKSON (had as model)

HARRY BUSH (had as artist)

JESSE CASH (had as model)

DAVID 000352 (had as model)

Dionysius Diarimos (had as model)

Bob Mizer (creator)